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4/19/10 02:02 am - melissa_leah - Girlies!

Babysat Joey's nieces Isabella & Maggie Friday morning! Bella didn't want her pics taken too much that day, but I got a few good ones anyway, and Maggie was loving it! :)

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3/18/10 05:17 am - melissa_leah - Dailies

My final photo! Took it last minute, about 2:30 am. My original photos turned out horribly :( But I absolutely LOVE the ones I took tonight. Emillie saved my life! I'll post the rest once I'm done, but this is the one I edited for my class.

♥ melissa.

3/16/10 01:14 am - melissa_leah - Pierre!

About a week ago, we were filming our how-to video for class, and my friend Alex dressed up like a mime for the video, I named him Pierre! :)

After we shot the video, I wanted to take some photos, because it was just too fun to pass up.

I'll post the video on here after Thursday, just for fun so you all can see it! (And all you photographers out there can learn to use a c-stand! haha!)


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2/6/10 11:47 pm - melissa_leah - Dailies!

Hooray, I remembered my pictures today! :)

♥ Melissa

2/5/10 11:49 pm - melissa_leah

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1/31/10 05:13 pm - melissa_leah - Back to posting

I totally forgot I made this community! I need to get back on track and post here :) I want to try to take pictures every day, I used to. I really should!!

I went and shot Stephanie & Jerimey Morse's photos today with their new puppy Harley at their new house! I will post the photos after I am done editing them! :)

This is what I've got for today --

Went outside to put my heart in Oregon sticker on my car, finally! Thought the clouds looked nice!

Put my lovely sticker on :D

Clouds! I have to do it.

It was a nice day today! I actually got warm without my coat on. It was warmer than this shows, but thought I'd take a photo anyway!

♥ Melissa

11/26/09 12:55 am - melissa_leah - Photoshoot::Jordan, Scott, Morgan

Yesterday, I shot photos of a couple of my best friends: Jordan and Scott, and Jordan's sister Morgan! :) It was a lot of fun and I love how the photos turned out!

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♥ Melissa
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